We are CIOs with deep business and technology experience. Large companies have the access to strategic advice and has the financial power to hire full time CIOs and strategy consultants. Our mission is to deliver the same level of access to Small and Midsize businesses (SMBs) through our unique CIO services.

SMBs often have contract CFO and general counsels to assist them in the boardroom but often there is no CIO to help them on strategies for success on their initiatives. Without CIO services businesses are guaranteed to fall to their competition.

Introviz CIO services and strategy consulting services fills this gap and boosts performance of SMBs. As fractional CIOs we provide trusted independent assessment and advisory services to SMBs. Our road map will outline projects for success followed by planning, execution and monitoring. Introviz brings SMBs the comfort of having a CIO and an IT department at fractional cost! – get the large company look and feel of IT through Introviz.


Introviz Value Proposition


The information technology landscape has constantly evolved, creating many costly challenges for SMBs. Most of them have retained old IT systems with gaping security risks and a lack of integration and access to data. The end result is their IT is a costly function and a drag to their business!

We help you look at the best practices through our strategic planning consulting services that assures transformative opportunities to small businesses.

Introviz addresses this problem by


    • Performing an independent assessment of your business priorities and IT strategy
    • Our sophisticated risk model, Vizcube, will combine the inputs from the assessment and our observations to develop an action plan that will redirect IT investments to the proper initiatives
    • Provide advice as your CIO for a few hours per week and transform your organization’s IT infrastructure by automating its IT processes through cloud technology.

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