Introviz Monthly Round Up: Reasons To Choose Cloud Computing For Small Business

We have been helping small and midsized businesses on a consistent basis by contributing through articles, Question/Answer and active participations on different social channels. In this monthly round up blog, we have come up with some useful resources that are either provided by us or recommended by some of the great influencers. It will help you understand few important things about cloud technology for SMBs and the important role that CIOs play today for small business success.


Every once in awhile, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. – “Dean Kamen” an American inventor


It’s so true about technology. Technology is advancing, getting better day by day and businesses need to stay abreast with this technological change for it can affect them in many ways. SMB’s need to adopt this change where CIO consulting and cloud computing is becoming a trend and this trend works.

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But still, Do you really think cloud computing and CIO consulting services can really help SMB’s grow and overcome biggest challenges related to technology like cloud computing?

Old IT systems, lack of integration and access to data are some of the reasons to adopt new technological solutions like cloud computing. It is because cloud computing for small businesses is highly cost effective, offers better collaboration and management and improves scalability.

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But, how do you implement this cloud computing technology and other technological solutions?

The answer is CIO consulting, the ultimate savior for SMB’s. They perform an IT assessment and review your business goals to make a strategy that works for you.

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What about IT consulting and making strategic technological investments?

The CIO consulting services appoint strategic planning consultants who work solely for your business. The consultant will help in identifying technological challenges and allow you to invest in appropriate technologies.

Still, why small companies have to invest in CIO services for small businesses? They can have their own in house team of IT experts.

The thing is SMB’s may lack expertise, knowledge and budget to handle their IT team efficiently. Moreover, they may have to invest time on making sure everything is working efficiently and can’t focus on core business operations which fetches money for the business.

This is an added expense for small businesses.

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Moreover, taking help from third party experienced strategic planning consultants will help you in several ways. You will get consultants who are experienced and knowledgeable about implementing technical solutions, who understands which technology is the best suited for small business to expand its operations and earn profit and lastly they take the responsibility to give results. They implement proven and customized strategies that work and that’s the reason you are hiring them right?

They earn when you earn and therefore, take ownership of their work. On the other hand, your employees work for salary. They are not interested to expand your business or understand your loss. So, you save your time and money with consulting services.

You may think, “Will small business strategy consulting firm be able to overcome all the challenges related to IT”?

‘Why not’?

They have a proper CIO strategic plan in place to do so and as per your set requirement and budget, they offer impeccable technological solutions ideal for your specific business niche.

For example, they will assure the following:

  • Follow technological rules and government regulations
  • manage time by making appropriate business schedule
  • Adopt new technological ways to cut short on lengthy procedures
  • Plan wise technological investments not just for now but even ahead,
  • Eliminate stress and fatigue for in house IT team so they can focus on business related work which can be achieved by investing on the right software,


You can expect such results and transform your IT infrastructure.

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No more down time, no risky IT investments. A planning consultant is there to assist you completely.

So what does a strategic planning consultant do?

They do a lot more than recommending and advising. They help you focus on the business quantifiable outputs.

Imagine how important it is to stay competitive.

The analysis and studies conducted by the strategic IT consulting professional is not just limited to board of directors or meeting or conference rooms. They make it work at all the levels and not just on senior level.


What more?

They help to meet the set targets at a reasonable price. Their fresh professional perspectives accelerate your business growth.  They create solutions and work like your business doctor.

Their duty is to let the business sickness subside and even if your business is working fine at all some levels, they consistently seek ways to enhance your business productivity at all levels.

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