Nonprofit Organization To The Cloud

Introviz Takes Your Nonprofit Organization To The Cloud

Cloud is necessary for organizations to stay ahead in business and over 90 % nonprofit organizations depend on cloud where most of them rely on multiple cloud services. After all, cloud services help nonprofit organizations to pay attention to their respective businesses, services, missions and programs.

So, complete set up or you can say IT for nonprofits organizations is very important to manage cloud in a cost effective and productive way. It is  synchronized, centrally distributed and easy to handle for anyone.


There are three main layers in cloud computing and they differ from each other very slightly, but they boil down to platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, and software as a service.

If your non profit organization has needs to customize and write its own software then you would like SaaS or software as a service where strategic IT consulting services is a boon to your nonprofit organization. So, let’s see the following three services to gain better understanding about each one.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) is known to be the foundation of cloud computing and it offers services like, backup, security and storage. For example, Amazon Web Services which comprise of virtual private servers, support services, database, storage, etc. Most of the SaaS applications depend on Amazon Web Services or IaaS providers.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Next level of cloud is PaaS. The vendors of PaaS services offer some framework and fundamental functions which customers can use and customize to develop their own applications. Examples are Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, etc.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is any type of internet based application, service or software. Some applications of SaaS are well customizable and one may need strategic planning consultants help to set it up. Specialized knowledge is not required to do so but IT consultants help to empower the workflow, streamline the process and assess the problems so daily operations and maintenance becomes simplified.


Advantages of Cloud computing services offered by IT consulting firms to non profits:

For cloud computing decision IT for nonprofits is extremely helpful. The IT experts can advise how to move business critical applications on cloud and the need of upgrading the computers is also eliminated because it’s easy to work for the employees without the need of high end computers. Introviz services and products are designed to meet the non profits IT infrastructure needs precisely. Their advice can help you make the best cloud decision.


Moreover, a cloud computing infrastructure may need smaller IT staff than traditional IT setup because you can get Cloud computing for small businesses services from IT consulting firms. Your organization doesn’t have to manage the software anymore.


It is also an eco-friendly solution because unlike traditional IT set up it needs less amount of office equipments. Large cloud computing providers helps to optimize the datacenters for energy efficiency. Thus, SaaS can work like a perfect solution for many organizations.


The IT consulting firms can offer commendable solutions to small businesses and non profit organizations where cloud computing is a very important decision. It will allow the employees working off site to access the work at home like they do in office and that too without any Virtual Private Network. You can also come up with the idea of base camp project and everybody will be able to see each other’s work because giving access of VPN to outsiders can be a risky job.


So, find a good cloud solution taking help of Introviz IT experts who will help you evaluate appropriate cloud solutions ideal for your nonprofit organization.