At Introviz we are focused on the engine of America that drives our economy – SMBs. Our executives are serial entrepreneurs and understand the pains that SMBs goes through. We have managed servers and desktops at our locations and have gone through some serious pain. Risk of losing a customer is always at large when you inherit this IT risk. This is the impetus to launching Introviz.

We want to free business owners from the painful task of managing desktops and servers at their locations and paying a huge price when something goes wrong. The technology landscape has dramatically changed from 1990s to today. We have cutting edge tools available at fraction of the cost. Small companies have access to sophisticated data centers with redundant network, power and so on with almost 100% availability. Imagine creating this capability at your business location and the cost of maintaining those. That is why even larger businesses are shutting their data centers and moving to these mega data centers.


Introviz Will


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    • Deploy virtual workstations at a cloud facility that is backed up at three different data centers. You always have three copies of your business data.
    • Your team will be able to access your PC, files, emails, collaboration tools etc. from anywhere and using any device – Phone, Touch pads, laptops etc.
    • You don’t have to worry about security or disaster recovery – your customers and auditors will be delighted at your sophisticated infrastructure.